Visual effects & computer graphics production

Algous studio



Algous studio was founded in 2006 by Alexey Gusev. Since that time the studio has been involved in postproduction of such movies as:  The sun (dir. Sokurov), Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (dir. Bodrov) , Day Watch (dir. Bekmambetov), The Mermaid (dir. Melikyan), Faust (dir. Sokurov), T-34 (dir. Sidorov), Devyataev (dir. Bekmambetov), The Challenge (dir. Shipenko) etc .


A creative and highly professional force in visual effects, Algous Studio has brought artistry and technology to more than 100 motion pictures. Our top-level visual effects appear in commercial and honored art-house films, which received many prizes at festivals. By working with major film companies and taking part in production and post-production processes we've successfully claimed ourselves to be a reliable partner on Russian and international markets.

We create experiences that inspire, inform and entertain.




Our main activities

Our team consists of professionals and provide CGI services at all stages of movie making – pre-production, shooting period with on set supervising, postproduction. We also provide services for edit and color grading.


  • At the stage of VFX script breakdown we figure out how to realize director’s vision.

  • Our experienced on set supervisors heroically struggle with all challenges, devising non-trivial and effective solutions to their tasks.

  • Usually we design the draft version of the shot with VFX on the set to make sure that no one missed anything important.

  • At postproduction we creatively and skillfully implement all that is possible to do.

We always try our best to achieve perfect results. Due to our great experience we can easily cope with any projects like big budget films, TV-serials or commercials.


Our portfolio is a good method to learn more about us.







Algous studio is fully equipped technically. Besides commercial tools we have inhouse software development, which allow us to solve any creative challenges.